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Haier Air Conditioner 1.0 Hp Non Inverter


Haier Air Conditioner 1.0 Hp Non Inverter

RM1,000.00 RM830.00

Specifications of Haier Air Conditioner 1.0HP Self Cleaning and Strong Air Flow (HSU09LTA17) 1HP Air Conditioner, Express Direct Shipping Within Klang Valley.

  • Brand : Haier
  • Type : Wall Mounted Non Inverter
  • Warranty Period : General 3 Years
  • Warranty Period : Compressor 5 Years
  • Air Conditioner Capacity : 9000 Btu
  • Refrigerant : R410A
  • Horsepower : 1.0
  • Warranty Type :Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • Model : HSU09LTA17



Product Details of Haier Air Conditioner 1.0HP HSU-09LTA17

  • – 1.0HP
  • – R410A Refrigerant
  • – Remote Control
  • – Blue Fin Technology
  • – Evaporator Self-Cleaning
  • – Comfortable Sleep Mode
  • – 24 Hours Timer
  • – 5-Year Compressor Warranty
  • – 3-Year General Warranty

This Haier Air Conditioner uses Blue Fin whereby the hydrophilic aluminium foil makes condensing water flow smoothly so guarantee the better performance with anti-corrosion effect.

It is equipped with Evaporator Self-Cleaning. With a new-generation hydrophilic foil, when the air conditioner in cooling or drying mode, the dust on evaporator will be taken away by condensed water flowing rapidly.

It uses R410A Refrigerant which is more energy saving and eco-friendly to help to reduce your electricity consumption and protecting the mother earth.

It comes with a Comfortable Sleep feature to provide you with a perfect environment for a good sleep. Setting temperature and the indoor noise can be adjusted to a more comfortable level when you set the “SLEEP” mode during night sleep.

It has 24 Hours Timer. It allows you to use the timer function to set on, or off, or from on to off, or from off to on etc, within 24 hours.

Strong Airflow – With expansion of air inlet area and improvement of air channel, the airflow is increased by 25%. You’ll feel the cool air even if you’re not close to the air conditioner unit!
Turbo Mode ensures that the room cools down much faster.

Other Perimeters
Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz): 220-240V/50Hz
Air Circulation(m³/h): 500-550
Moisture Removal(10-3m³/h): 1.2
Refrigerant: R410A
Filter (Type): Pre-Filter

Refrigerant Pipe
Liquid Side Diameter(mm): 6.35
Gas Side Diameter(mm): 9.52

Indoor Unit
Net Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 820/195/280
Package Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 909/279/355
Net weight(kg): 9
Gross Weight (Kg): 11
Noise[dB(A)] H: 34
Noise 〔dB(A)〕 M: 32

Outdoor Unit
Net Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 780/245/540
Package Dimension(mm) W/D/H: 920/351/620
Net weight(kg): 27
Gross Weight (Kg): 30
Noise[dB(A)] H: 52

We provide professional aircond installation service for the Klang Valley area, so please kindly make sure the installation address is in the covered area, then add to cart and check out. Our friendly staff will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the appointment for the adimada aircond installation.


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